Maintenance contrct information

Our Aim

Our aim offering a maintenance contract is based upon preventive repairs and offering a priority service with a high level of commitment to a valued customer. It has proved that not only can it save money on break downs, time down for machine use, but also being aware of service period of machines helping people set future budgets for replacement equipment.

Telephone support

We offer full telephone support during a maintenance contract for all machines listed in the contract.

Call outs during maintenance contract

In the event of an out of maintenance visit to site required, we aim to be on site within 24 hours, yet no later than 48 hours from time of call. If the machine is brought back to the workshop it is given prority to enable us to return ASAP to cause you minimum disruption. Parts and labour are chargeable at your contract discounted rate.

Customised contracts

Laid out above is what we offer as a standard maintenance contract, but we are able to tailor each contract to suit each individual customers requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you your own customized maintenance contract if required or discuss any points you maybe unclear on.

Regular Maintenanace

The points below outline the main aspects of our maintenance contract:

bullet pointSite visits based upon your requirements

bullet pointWe clean heads on each machine, then remove covers and clean and check all alignments based upon manufactures specification.

bullet pointWe then report on general condition and service state of machine.

bullet point In the event of a fault found during a maintenance visit, you are advised. If replacements parts are required you are charged at the current rate less your contract discount, labour is none chargeable.

For more information please get in touch.

tel/fax: 01458 252222